Promo Voice Over by Professional Promo Voice and TV Promo Voice Rick Blade.

Contact promo voice and TV promo voice Rick Blade for professional promo voice over.

Promo voice over by professional promo voice and TV promo voice.

Promo voice over by professional promo voice and TV promo voice Rick Blade offering our tireless experience in this enormous area of voice over, and always prepared and equipped to fulfill your promotional needs in terms of promo voice over. HEAR OUR PROMO DEMOS IN THE PLAYER ABOVE, and send your script to us today for an AFFORDABLE PRICE to record your next promo voice over project. We offer promo voice over for TV, radio, and the internet, covering a wide assortment of purposes. From promoting television and radio station call signs along with specific programs they broadcast, news segments and TV sitcoms for example, to pending sports events such as the olympics and professional auto races, in addition to NFL, MLB, and NHL regular season games and playoffs. The variety of promo concepts is endless, and if something can be promoted in advance, chances are a promo will be conceived by the coordinators of the event, working in close conjunction with the media source. Promos are intended and created to generate interest and excitement in the viewer, listener, or participant, whether they're familiar or unfamiliar with what's being promoted. Promos serve as a means to capture the imagination, and to build an audience.

Similar to commercials, promos are designed to promote and sell a service, event, or product, and may differ from commercials in terms of longevity. A commercial can run for months on end, while a promo may be more short lived or dated, depending on what's being promoted. Promos, and in cases when commercials have a specific run-time, can often be updated or revised on short notice, promos more likely produced at less cost than spots. Specifically those done "in-house", in instances when what's being promoted is also produced by the coordinators of the promotion. TV network promos for example. In other instances a "trade" of services or samples of the subject matter may be established to some extent, when the subject matter of the promo (and even commercials in some cases) permits the project producer to promote themselves as the source. The promo is without doubt an integral slice of the voice over pie sought after by male voice over talent and the polished promo voice. Contact us now for promo voice over that will impress and ensnare your listeners!


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