Radio Imaging for Radio Imaging Liners and Radio Imaging Sweepers by Professional Radio Imaging Voice Talent Rick Blade.

Contact radio imaging for radio imaging liners and radio imaging sweepers by radio imaging voice talent Rick Blade.

Radio imaging for radio imaging liners and radio imaging sweepers by professional radio imaging voice talent.

Radio imaging for radio imaging liners and radio imaging sweepers by professional radio imaging voice talent Rick Blade. Listen to our radio imaging demos above, and send your radio imaging liner/radio imaging sweeper script to us TODAY to take advantage of our affordable rates. We are also available on a retainer basis. Our many years of voice over experience, rich and resonant epic voice, and intelligence to grasp the style and concept needed, make us the right choice as your radio imaging voice talent to record and deliver radio imaging voice over projects that keep listeners tuned in! Radio imaging is a specialized field that provides widespread opportunities for the voice over talent online. Every radio station, including internet radio stations, must have an attention grabbing voice to do their station identifications. The slots for morning commute, afternoon drive, and late night all require different styles of radio imaging that fit the broadcast in terms of format, whether music or talk radio. Radio imaging liners and radio sweepers, and even radio promos, may incorporate special voice effects and background sounds from explosions, buzz saws, and dog barks, to chimes, harp strums, and trumpet calls. Music beds are sometimes used. The radio imaging voice may be asked to do dry or voice only reads with the client adding these items, but on occasion the radio imaging voice talent is hired to add the FX and music themes as well, turning out fully produced versions. Therefore an extensive library of radio imaging effects and music phrases is essential, in addition to professional studio production equipment and editing software for creating the finished product.

It is crucial for the radio station that the listener hears the station call letters and frequency numbers repeatedly. Even if people are only half-listening, they will still more likely remember the station on a subconscious level as the radio imaging voice over artist grabs their attention in a way that sticks in their mind. So yes, possessing an excellent voice often has it's advantages. Some examples of radio imaging voice over and radio imaging liners include: "X-ROCK plays songs by rocks royalty. It's GOOD to be KING. X-ROCK 103.3FM"; "You're locked in to Yester Radio, here's another great blast from your past!"; "Broadcasting from the rocking, throbbing Metropolis of Laredo Texas. It's STAR"; "103.5 WSHE, SHE'S Only Rock and Roll"; and "99IZD, Kick Ass Rock and Roll". We've also recorded radio imaging liners in Spanish: "Hay un calambre en la radio!"; "La nueva ciento tres punto siete!"; and "Desde el estudio...Lo Nuevo...Pronto primero en Power 103.7". Now let's see what you've got, and we'll get this candle lit!


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