Voice Over Artist Rick Blade offering Professional Voice Over for Movie Trailers, Radio Imaging, Commercials, Promos, Narrative, and Video Games.

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Voice over artist for professional voice over.

Underrated voice over artist Rick Blade offering professional voice over for book and movie trailers, radio imaging, commercials, promos, narrative, and video games. Taking extreme pride as an established voice over artist, we deliver the best results online, on time, every time, and at affordable voice over rates within your project talent budget, based on usage, content, length, market size, and expected turn around period. Delivery is easily accomplished by direct link or email attachment. Of course voice over demos like ours above, easily accessible on voice over artist websites, demonstrate the versatility and quality of the professional voice over artist. LISTEN TO OUR VOICE OVER ARTIST DEMO ABOVE, then send your script to us for a voice over price quote that won't break the bank. Upon request, we can also provide a custom demo read or voice over audition. Here's the voice over artist job description in a nutshell: like painting a scene with a brush, the voice over artist utilizes the spoken word to create a mental image of a product, service, location, or person. With the proper voice over read style, whether epic or subtle, and scripting of course, this mental imagery translates into something real and appealing. See a partial list of our happy voice over clients.

Also referred to as voice over actor, voice over talent, voice artist, voice actor, voice talent, and American voice actor, the voice over artist relies on trained or innate script interpretation to best convey what's being said. This is assuredly the most important aspect of the voice over services he provides. Varying the vocal delivery style in terms of pace, inflection, and range of pitch, can be compared to playing a musical instrument. The experienced voice over artist recognizes that normal, conversational speech patterns and acting ability need to be incorporated during studio recording in order to sound believable and not robotic or mechanical. This train of thought applies to any voice over project, whether it is a commercial for TV, radio, or online for automotive or fitness products, a descriptive narrative for a training video, business presentation, video tour, documentary, website, wedding video, testimonial, video game or audio book, or whether it is a movie trailer, intro, radio or television promo, a page of radio imaging liners, or a best selling author experimenting with promotion involving book trailer voice over. We can assist you with all of these projects, and extensively offer our services for voice over worldwide. So don't put it off another minute and CONTACT US NOW.


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