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Voice over artist website Rick Blade.com for professional voice over at affordable voice over rates. LISTEN TO OUR VOICE OVER DEMOS ABOVE, then upload your script to us today for review and price quote utilizing our contact page. Catering to all the voice over needs of voice seekers searching for voice actors available to record and quickly deliver voice over worldwide via the internet, we offer our talents for a variety of voice over projects. These include movie trailers for independent films and events, book trailers for authors, character voices for video games, commercials for any product or service, narration for videos and websites, promos, intros, and radio imaging to name several. Click here to view a partial list of our satisfied voice over clients. The next time you're browsing through voice over artist websites after entering key voice over search terms like voice over actor, voice over talent, voice artist, voice actor, voice talent, voice over person, and voice over artist, behold the pages upon pages of search results. It's absolutely mind-boggling! Refer to the image overhead for just a taste of these online results using "voice over artist websites" as the search term for example, and that's not even a full page! We were included at the time of this search, but not until page 8, and we may no longer appear.

Where to start after glancing at the voice over competition, and then which voice to select as the perfect sound for your project from this extensive laundry list can be akin to mission impossible. You may hear a voice you like, but then your project talent budget may not attract that particular voice artist. So, your search resumes. A voice over client may indeed suffer through this process of finding a voice online, then addressing the subsequent negotiations a number of times before a voice actor is ultimately secured within budget. It can be like watching grass grow. However, if available budget is not the issue, then the voice seeker will probably start on page one, and work his way through the links until a voice matches up with what he hears in his head as having the most suitable quality to breath life into and attach sincere meaning to his scripted message. It may take hours, days, even weeks reviewing demos on voice over artist websites, depending on talent availability, project budgets, and deadlines. This is why clients should begin their talent searches early well in advance of project deadlines, allowing for any necessary script revisions along the way as well. Abundant personal voice over artist websites are not the only sources for voice over services either. There are also dozens of talent pool sites, aka "pay-to-play" sites or P2Ps, where hungry members are subject to auditioning and competing against each other for their nut. The cost of those memberships vary, based on site positioning or ranking in the search engines. After some investigation, several of these are just plain rip-offs. Talent get lost in the mix, and supposed clients don't even know what they have or exactly what they need.

Legitimate projects immediately recognized as promos for locally televised public events or real estate video tours requiring narrative are described in detail. Lack of detail can lead to communication breakdowns that are frustrating to all parties concerned when they do occur. Intended voice direction can be a big waste of time too, often leaving talent scratching their heads instead of being permitted to exercise their proven skills and expertise, the very reason they were hired in the first place as professionals. Rather, the ideal situation for many veteran American voice actors is firstly to be found at their personal websites. To then record at their home voice over studio following prompt payment, and include any requested retakes in their fee should their initial voice over reads not quite be what were expected. There's probably more latitude with some projects than others, like video games for instance, when video game voice actors are called upon to provide the video game voices. Once the voice over artist gets into character mode, he may then be given the freedom to innately act out the dialogue. So in summation, voice over artist websites while numerous across the board, among them will be a stock of voices worth every cent invested in terms of natural talent and commitment to their craft. To we select few, affordable voice over isn't just about monetary compensation. It's also about earning respect, recognition, and about loyalty. Regrettably, if not by word of mouth, you either found us by accident or by digging deeper into the pages of your search returns which include the key word the search engine deems fit for us. The dismal number of visits to our website reflect this. :-( So, should you find our website since we're even EXCLUDED from search results for several of the critical key words related to voice over, and you like what you hear, contact us now for more information and project assistance.


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