Voice Over Competition and Voice Over Talent as Evaluated by Professional Voice Over Talent.

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Voice over competition and voice over talent as evaluated by professional voice over talent.

Voice over competition and voice over talent as evaluated by professional voice over talent Rick Blade. Listen to our voice over demos above then contact us today for professional voice over at competitive voice over rates. Just WHO IS the competition? You may have heard of them. The ones in love with the sound of their own voices. Don't get us wrong, it's not our intention to put down, complain, or even whine about other established voice over talent and the influx of newcomers (or so-called wannabes) to the voice over industry, as some veteran talent might interpret as being such refrain (won't name any names). But, who are they really to say? The competition of course! After all, they just want to be loved too. No one wants to be cast in a negative light, and in spite of perceptions, smokescreens, and facades, there are several valid points to be made about the reality of the situation in regard to the vast numbers of voices available. Speaking of the proverbial voice over "band wagon" thanks in large part to the internet. It's too easy to write off or deflect, for whatever motives, by simply suggesting improvement instead of disgruntlement. Is this turning a blind eye to the obvious? If course referring to the over-saturation and resulting confusion on a mass scale. Can who you know make a huge difference in terms of success? Sure it can, but nothing lasts forever. What many don't know conversely is that it takes endless self-promotion from the very beginning, and success rarely happens overnight. Being born with "natural talent" doesn't occur often either. Still, the voice over competition swells because there is nothing to police the influx and keep the balance in check. We've all heard what happens to species that over-populate. There's a shortage of food and they die off one-by-one becoming a survival of the fittest. The fittest being the shrewdest of them all.

It may be safe to observe that true professionals have nothing to worry about when it comes to the inexperienced, but then again, what about those among the inexperienced who do get to know someone of influence? Is this to conclude they're talented in contrast to the minority who have years of blood, sweat, and tears invested in their lifelong quest to move up the food chain? What's the likelihood of even getting to know a successful competitor who "knows the ropes" and has contacts, who will be willing to "share the wealth" and actually result in "pulling a few strings" for a fellow but more obscure talent? It's a roll of the dice at best due to "self-preservation". After all, they are highly visible voice over competition keenly aware of their existing and future competiton no matter how remote, and wish to keep things where they are. In those rare instances when knowing one of these chaps may not even be enough, since voice quality and talent are basically just a matter of taste and opinion. So it can be a crap shoot at best no matter what the circumstances. Let's not forget about timing and often a whole lot of luck while you're at it. Is this nearing close to the core of any evaluation of voice over competition yet? Again consider the numbers, thousands upon thousands taking up infinite space. Do a voice over search and see how many free YouTube videos outrank professional voice over artist websites costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars. In no one's defense, everyone can guess who owns YouTube, and listings in search engines are free, but for how long? Which brings up the option of buying ad space to appear in rotation at the top (or sometimes bottom) of search result pages. Is this the way to go? Perhaps for some with second jobs? But does doing so qualify someone, or is just more prime internet real estate being used up? Are they truly being objective in terms of how they sound? To reiterate, voice quality is merely a matter of opinion. So how does one acquire an edge that's effective? How does one get "better"? Continual practice by reading and recording followed by objective critiques seems to be the most heralded course to take.

Just who is the competition? It is not so much the who anymore as it is the total head count that multiplies daily. Not just newcomers, but existing voice over talent that get repeat business. Then there are movie stars inbetween making movies who've delved into voice over, and those who established themselves before the talent explosion. Accomplished talent who have enough repeat business for ten lifetimes. Then there are the amateurs, who just because they come up with enough cash to build a basic home recording studio and join one of the numerous, infamous, and often suspect so-named "pay-to-play" voice over audition sites can get into the mix, whether they're good enough to book "national gigs" or not. Voice over competition doesn't automatically translate as being individuals qualified to perform, nor all performances by those qualified who became legends in their own minds. Sadly, some professionals forgot where they came from until time eventually catches up with them to the point when their "shelf life" expires. The same voice, heard over and over again grows wearisome and stale after a while, when it's about time for something fresh. So in a nut-shell, if there are voices attached to search results for high trending keywords related to online voice over, then yes it's voice over competition in sheer volume where the internet is concerned, and who doesn't use the internet? Even talent agencies do. DUH. It's the countless numbers leading to mass confusion and time loss. Unsavory by-products of over saturation are the bidding wars that ensue when lower cost overrides quality to a growing cartel of clientele. Newcomers and experienced, both accept these "attractive prices" to voice seekers because it's still better than nothing. Another nightmare is the advent of voice replication software. Yes it's true, and application can soon become a reality. With this software, the user can recreate any voice provided they have a reference audio file of the voice. From this, the program can record a script in the "copied" voice, and copyright infringement may not be a factor. Think of the potential damage this could cause, even for the competition. It's a shame that except for a very select few, increasing numbers settle for table scraps instead of maintaining a standard which enables more mid to higher-end projects. These select few have to look out for number 1 in the meantime, while the ceaslessly overwhelming voice over competition tips the scale unfavorably in direct proportion to the amount of available, worthwhile voice over opportunities. So, why us over the competition? With vast experience, flexibility, versatility, and genuineness comprising our core, we rise above the din when the situation calls for talent born to the task. Just send your script to us now for an affordable voice over price quote, and we'll give it our immediate, undivided attention!


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