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Voice over auditions by professional voice over artist Rick Blade. LISTEN TO OUR VOICE OVER EXAMPLES ABOVE and contact us today for professional voice over. Offering affordable voice over prices. Voice over auditioning. It can be a lot of fun, or a lot of stress, all depending on how determined and perseverant one can humanly be. No matter which, this is the name of the game to be successful in voice over today. So if one doesn't like to audition for whatever reasons, then one is at a huge disadvantage from the start. Everyone auditions, even the best of them. They'll tell you war stories based on personal experience, ranging from multiple script adjustments during recording sessions to reading lines over and over again until they vomit. This all goes with the turf. Forget about being nervous or self-conscious in the recording booth. One simply cannot allow these stumbling blocks to hinder the audition, not while there are are others in line. Remember the competition is fierce. Preparation is the key for live voice over auditions. Then there are the pay-to-play voice over sites. Cough up $5000 for the primo membership and climb to the top of the list for receiving the best project leads before anyone else. These jokers want it all, and get a lot of the work, but dishearten not. They couldn't possibly do it all. Once in a while a different voice may be desired, and everyone who has auditioned will be heard. In theory that is. Many will not be heard in cases when the client chooses a voice before listening to all of the voice over auditions submitted by members of the pay-to-play site. In which case it's back to auditioning for the next one. This process can go on for weeks, even months before one finally lands a bonifed gig. A number of the clients choose, then never contact the voice over talent. In other words, they're unreliable. There are no absolutes or guarantees. However, if one doesn't "play the game" and audition, then one will be missing out on opportunity. There is opportunity, but one must be prepared to audition, whether online or through a talent agency. It's not a challenge for the weary of spirit. There will be a lot of rejection too. One must not take these things personal. After all, liking any voice comes down to matter of opinion.

To help stir concern and perhaps even panic among the ranks, the day is fast approaching when software, once perfected, will be capable of replicating voices, any voice, from a voice reference audio file. Able to "read" and record any voice over script, no matter how long, in the specific voice desired, famous or otherwise, even leap tall buildings in a single bound, and copyright infringement will not be a consequence. So, audition, audition, audition. Time is running out! Getting specific voice direction in advance of the audition when possible may help with how smooth the session goes, but it's still up to the voice over artist to deliver the goods based on pure talent and experience. If the voice over audition is for believeable commercial voice over or for a promo, we can record and forward a sample read of the script for prior voice approval by the client. The same goes for a video project requiring descriptive and conversational narrative. We'll add our personal touch to the script, so the listener feels warm and fuzzy just as if sitting next to a friend who is telling a story. Production companies contracted by independent film makers accepting voice over auditions for smooth and memorable movie trailer voice over, we've got that covered as well. In fact, movie trailers and book trailers happen to be our specialty, and we try our utmost to work within every project talent budget. Another voice over category that we excell at delivering the most desired results for is voice imaging and radio imaging. We strive to leave the listening audience yearning for more of the online radio station, no matter what format. All we need is the script, and we'll audition for the project the same day, often within hours of receiving the invitation. Of course our demos present a clear demonstration of our talents, but we also understand the importance of voice over auditions to the client. We have the necessary confidence in ourselves and proven track record of winning them over in spite of the endless competition and countless voice over websites to filter through. SEND YOUR SCRIPT TO US NOW FOR OUR PROFESSIONAL VOICE OVER AUDITION.


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