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Affordable voice over offered by affordable voice over talent Rick Blade for radio imaging, commercials, movie trailers, promos, narrative, book trailers, and character voices. Listen to our voice over examples above, and CONTACT US for our AFFORDABLE VOICE OVER RATES. What is affordable voice over? It starts with the voice seeker. What is the voice over project about? Is it radio imaging for an online radio station, or for local or national radio broadcasting? Each of these platforms will incorporate station identification commonly referred to as radio imaging, whether straightforward when mainly the call letters and station location or source are mentioned, or cleverly written phrases used to separate songs or music segments. The latter will still identify the call letters, but also promote the music format, artists, and other reasons to tune in. Also known as sweepers or liners, these phrases can be voice only or produced with a music background and sound effects. Is the project a commercial? For which broadcast medium or where is it to used, and what is the size of the viewing or listening audience? What is being sold, a service or a product? Is the spot advertising a new car dealer? In which case the job involves car voice overs. Is the project a movie trailer? These are usually produced from actual scenes in the movies, adding voice over that promotes the plot, actors names, and theater release date in advance. Movie trailers are used by independent as well as by Hollywood movie makers.

Is the project a promo for television or radio? Like their close cousins commercials, promos are intended to create interest in a product or service. Promoting a concept or event is the primary purpose of a promo. Is the project narrative to be voiced by our resident narrator for a video or for e-learning? Narration is used for many purposes, and the cost for narration voice over varies depending firstly on script length. Negotiating a final price is generally based on total word count or run-time in minutes. Payment for longer narrative like audio books may come down to an hourly rate for actual studio recording time, then the audio is edited by the job source to keep the cost lower. Is the project a book trailer? Mirroring movie trailers, but instead of promoting movies, book trailers promote novels and non-fiction books, some of which are written by best-selling authors. The voice over style between the two types of trailers can be very similar. Is the project for animation or video games? These typically require a cast of character voices, and again prices will vary depending on the number of characters, length of dialogue, and in the case of video games when our video game voice actor provides the video game voices, subsequent sales from which a residual percentage may be negotiated. All of these factor in when negotiating affordable voice over. Which brings us to disclosing project talent budgets.

A voice seeker is only going to have so much to work with in terms of paying the online voice over talent, and when you're a potential client across the pond, then it's likely to be an American voice actor requiring compensation when American English is preferred. However the pie is sliced up, you've still got to budget for a professional voice over artist, unless you yourself or the next door neighbor agrees to record your voice over free of charge. Best to disclose up front what you can afford to pay the talent according to available budget. Honesty is always the best policy, even when looking for affordable voice over. Anything can be negotiated, as it is with affordable voice over. Disclosing project talent budgets helps clients in the long-term when negotiating with voice over talent, particularly when the talent has already expressed sincere willingness to try their utmost to work within budget utilizing the disclosed information while factoring in all of the project details to arrive at a more exact quote when one is specifically requested. The talent in turn either counters, or worse case scenario declines all together if the available budget is perceived to be a low-ball offer. Seriously want affordable voice over? Then forward your voice over script to us along with disclosing anticipated project talent budget in order to launch our affordable voice over process now.


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