American Voice Actor Rick Blade offering Professional American Voice Over for Radio Imaging, Commercials, Movie Trailers, Narration, and Promos.

American voice actor Rick Blade for professional American voice over.
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American voice actor for professional American voice over.

American voice actor Rick Blade offering professional American voice over for radio imaging, commercials, movie trailers, narration, promos, and character voices. Check out our voice over demo reel above, and SEND YOUR SCRIPT TO US TODAY for American voice over at affordable American voice actor rates. Try to include your American voice actor project budget for a more exact quote in USD. Seeking an American English voice to accentuate your project? Where other voices have failed, we can resurrect your text with our interpretive expertise, and "American know how" to coin a phrase. Popular across the pond, we have a number of regular clients who look to us for our first-rate voice over services online. Planning or already have an online radio station? We can turn your radio imaging liners into "gold" with our radio imaging voice over. From classic rock to hip-hop, we'll match the tempo with our voice tone and energy level. We're the radio imaging authority when it comes to drawing attention to your music format of choice and song selections. Our deliberate, emoting liner reads come from the gut! Commercials are another one of our strong points. When you need your commercial copy to sound natural and believable enough so that your mother would buy what it's selling, then leave it to us to give it the personal touch. If your audience doesn't sense sincerity, then they won't trust what's being said!

From commercials for television, radio and online, we segue to movie trailers and book trailers. We've delivered more movie trailer voice over for videos promoting major events to trailers for independent films and video games than you can shake a stick at. If a movie trailer style voice approach works best for you, then we can nail it down! The same goes for book trailer voice over we've provided to upcoming and best-selling authors. Speaking of authors, American English is the version of English that is spoken and written in the USA, born of the English colonization of North America that began in the 17th century. The primary difference between American English and UK English is in the pronunciation along with grammar and vocabulary variations. Standardized across the U.S., American English consists of a series of distinct dialects that differ across parts of the country. These became apparent as immigrants from different regions of Europe settled in the states. Native Americans also influenced the language. From trailers, we move on to narration. Our narration voice over has been mated with such worthy projects as video voice over for videos of all kinds and subject matter, corporate and training videos, website content, real estate and travel video tours, audio books, e-learning courses, and documentaries to mention a few. It's because of our story-teller style that makes the listener feel warm and fuzzy, clinging to every word being uttered from one sentence to the next. Just add a warm fire, and the scene is set. Unless it's near the equator, in which case it's clothing optional.

As the American voice actor for your next project, we can't overlook the promotional concept when presenting our voice over services. Promos play an integral role in stirring up interest in something about to happen, or to maintain a following for something growing in popularity. These could be for TV, radio, or online, instances when our promo voice over wins the day by bringing more to the table in terms of an audience. As with the other projects we covered, our epic voice style will act as a beacon spotlighting the promo's content. Never be it said that we leave any stone unturned, unless a surprise twist is in the offing. In which case we build up the suspense within the confines of the promo itself. Now about character voices, cartoon voices, and voice impressions. Whether your task entails original animation, video games, comedy short-films, or even ADR (dialogue substitution), chances are that we can come up with the perfect character voice for any situation. If there's a famous or celebrity voice of U.S. origin that you need imitated, we may be able to assist you with that too depending on who it is, from Mr. Ed to Mr. Magoo. In every undertaking described herein, we elevate our goals to achieve optimum results as consistently as breathing. Thank you for hooking up with us plucked from the vast reservoir of voice over artist websites. We'll review your project as soon as you forward your script to us using our contact page. Until then and always, CHEERS!


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