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Voice over services by professional voice over artist.

Voice over services by professional voice over artist Rick Blade for radio and TV commercials, radio imaging, promos, movie trailers, and narrative. LISTEN TO OUR VOICE OVER DEMOS ABOVE, then contact us for an affordable voice over services quote. Give your overseas project more magnetism by adding our characteristic American voice actor charm to it, recorded at our fully equipped home studio and sent to anywhere you are in the world. Enlist us to assist in elevating your concept to the next level in terms of purpose and appeal. In a nutshell, voice over application is generally categorical and varies based on usage and target audience. Take radio imaging by our polished radio imaging voice talent for example. An online station no matter the music format, will incorporate a variety of radio imaging liners to break up the song sets and identify the station to its listeners. The wording of which is structured to create interest and keep them tuned in for long intervals. Our radio imaging voice over will be the catalyst behind drawing attention to the music because of how and what is being said between song segments. Meanwhile commercial projects voiced by our deft commercial voice actor will take on a life of their own with the appropriate voice style and message delivery you expect from us. From car voice overs to fitness products, and jewelers to political ads, turning listeners into consumers by selling the commercial copy naturally and convincingly is the primary focus of our attention. The same can be said for all applications, in those situations when more than just an announcer is desired.

Are trailer videos your specialty? Our silver-tongued movie trailer voice actor will make your movie trailers jump out at you in Hollywood fashion once we add our expressive touch to the descriptive color words utilized to chronicle the theme or movie storyline, from a romance comedy to adventure film of epic proportions. No need to travel the endless trail of voice over artist websites either when it comes to narration voice over for your corporate, training, documentary, medical, website, YouTube and virtual tour videos. Our charismatic and beckoning narrative by our resolute narrator will not only educate, but also instill a sense of belonging and participation in a worthy endeavor. Promotion in the form of the spoken word is still another hole we can fill when it comes to stimulating audience interest. From promoting broadcast channels to auto sales and cultural events, once the details are condensed into highlighted form, conveying this vital information in promo voice over is second nature to our skillset and experience in effective media communication. Need video game voices? We also work to your advantage when the need arises for different, unusual, unique and interesting character voices. We can truly be a resourceful asset to those imaginative creators of challenging and addictive video games requiring the voice over services of an inventive video game voice actor. Should voice direction be a condition for selection, we can offer live sessions via Skype or Source Connect. We're also available to audition. Send your voice over script to us now for review and feedback regarding your project voiced at our competitive voice over rates, detailing the process of securing our voice over services as your expert and punctual online voice over talent with a purpose!


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