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Epic voice actor for professional epic voice over.

Epic voice actor Rick Blade offering professional epic voice over through this voice over artist website. If an epic voice fits the bill for your project, then send your script to us for our affordable pricing. We absolutely offer exactly what you seek, and our work speaks for itself! CHECK OUT OUR EPIC VOICE SAMPLES IN THE PLAYER ABOVE. Epic voice actors have been referred to as possessing Godlike voices. Since perhaps only a handful of men have actually heard the voice of God, this perception is purely hypothetical. However, the idea of this kind of voice has often been applied to voice over projects that involve reading an epic voice over script, when an epic voice guy approach would best sell the message being implied. Soft or hard sell, whether it's for a commercial selling floor mops or stylish automobiles, for clueing in people on upcoming sporting events through promos which serve as teasers encapsulating what's to take place and where, or for movie trailer voice over promoting an independent film of epic proportions, epic voice over is utilized to provide more of an impact on the listener. Reading in such an elevated style gives the product being projected in the message a bigger feel, like turning a bus into a locomotive. Besides movie trailers and the rapid rise and demand for book trailer voice over, in addition to "Lord of the Rings" style narration by our video game voice actor for video games along with imaginative and creative documentaries about heroic or legendary figures, epic voice actors will often wow audiences with their radio imaging heard when internet stations identify themselves between songs or sets. As with the vast majority of trailer projects, male voice over talent tend to be more the perfect fit for epic voice over of any kind. After all, the word epic conjures up larger than life powerful visions, which are more readily associated with something of a more masculine nature. When one thinks of epic, "Gone with the Wind", "The Ten Commandments", or "Ben Hur" come to mind, as opposed to something like "Mary Poppins". We can be that BIG EPIC VOICE for you!


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