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Documentary voice over by professional documentary voice actor.

Documentary voice over offered by professional documentary voice actor Rick Blade. Listen to our documentary voice over demo above, then send your documentary script to us today. We'd be more than glad to review your project, and provide an affordable voice over quote. Documentary voice over is an exciting, specialized, and fairly prolific field in the voice over industry. It falls under the narration voice over category. There are different varieties and styles of documentaries and, thus, various styles of narrative. This field is open to voice over talent of either gender. A documentary can be very brief or quite long. Types of film documentaries include: promotional tours of a place (country, city, state or national park); wildlife narratives; social / political expose'; current world or national issues; biography; or informative / educational. The read for the documentary voice over talent can be: straight-forward explanatory; bold and exciting or epic in an expressive, dramatic acting style; informative; or gently descriptive as if appealing to a child audience. The documentaries that are not strictly explanatory require the documentary voice to be able to paint pictures with his voice, and fit his vocal qualities to the content of the piece. The documentary voice actor needs to be able to sustain continuity of his voice.

A documentary would not normally be recorded in one sitting. Whenever the narrator returns to the mic, the voice over artist must sound just as he did when he left off --- whether it has been 1 hr, 5 hrs., or 24 hrs. He will have taken breaks between recording sessions, but it MUST sound to the audience as though the documentary voice over talent has been speaking continuously. Therefore, he has to be good at keeping the same voice timbre, pitch range, quality, and feel -- or "attitude" in each session. This requires extensive training, experience, knowledge of the documentary genre, a keen ear, and last, but not least, innate talent. To be in demand for documentary voice over, a documentary voice needs to be flexible and well-trained; distinctive and appealing; providing intelligent interpretation of the documentary voice over script; and an understanding of the target audience. He must also have excellent mic technique, breath techniques, and stamina. This is a rewarding field for the right voice over talent online, and can lead to ongoing voice over projects. Visit a partial list of our happy documentary voice over clients listed within this site, and contact us for your next documentary voice over project.


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