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Free voice over by professional voice over artist.

Free voice over by professional voice over artist Rick Blade offering free custom demos of voice over scripts. To clarify, this doesn't mean free voice over for the entire project. What this DOES mean is that we're offering to record a portion of your script in advance of payment in order to secure the job should prior voice approval be requested by the client. See a partial list of our happy voice over clients here, then LISTEN TO OUR VOICE OVER EXAMPLES above and contact us with your script about our competitive voice over rates. Include any specific written voice direction in your script, and disclose approximate project talent budget to aid in expediting the process. Please note this isn't merely a hobby to us, it's how we ultimately pay expenses. Does anyone in their right mind seriously believe that superior voice over work online is entirely given away today? Don't be fooled by some gimmicks or false promises, and don't be taken in by those who pretend to know what they're doing. These are recipes for disaster friends! You will accomplish nothing and be wasting your valuable time. So if you have a bonafide voice over project in need of voice over services by true professionals, then shoot over the opportunity to us! Ample lead time is recommended as well in order to confirm availability. Upon receiving your script, we'll then proceed to record a portion and send our voice over audition back to you quickly for advance client approval. It's that simple, and won't cost a penny for now. This is after all free voice over technically, and we like to be remembered first.

Is it for a commercial? Send your script for a free custom read sample. Product or service, if it's of a commercial nature, upload to us what you have at our contact page and indicate the voice style you need. From the "guy next door" to "over the top", be as descriptive as possible using our checklist. What about movie trailer voice over? Forward your script to us now for a custom sample read, whether it's subtle or epic voice style, we can surely assist you. Check out some of our movie trailer voice samples. Do you own or manage a radio station? Then send your radio imaging liner to us for a custom demo, and then follow up with a full page of liners for an affordable quote within your talent budget. We'll knock yer sox off with our cut-through, balls to the wall radio imaging. Just listen to our radio imaging demos. Narration voice over? Let us do the narrative over your next video project. When it comes to sounding as if speaking to your best friend in the room, our narration voice over is the next best thing! We don't just read the words, we breath life into them. You won't know they're being said using a script. So listen to our narrative voice examples, then send some of your narrator lines to us today for a custom demo read.

We've already mentioned commercials, the same goes for your promos. Send your script for a custom demo read, and we'll promote the bejebus out of it! No kidding around. Still more free voice over online. How about animation or video games? Need a few new voices to round out your cast of characters? Need a video game voice actor to pull this off for you? Then by all means send your script to us for a custom demo of several of the game dialogue lines recorded in different and believable character voices. Take a listen to our character voices and voice impressions found in the above player, only remember not to feed them! We can also come up with original voices based on your character profiles and descriptions. For any other possible voice over projects we didn't mention here at our site that you'd like a read sample of, send your script to us now for a free custom demo. As in FREE. Free for the asking. We're reaching for the brass ring now in terms of getting the gig. So what are you waiting for? Surely not pennies from heaven. Maybe for the voice of God? Well, our guy has got that covered too when the task at hand calls for it!


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